Server Configuration Hot Update

Keywords: Configuration, Hot Update

This feature allow you to update the server instance's configuration immediately without restarting. (only for version 1.6.5 or above)

The configuration options which support hot update

SuperSocket supports the server configuration options below to be updated hotly:

* logCommand
* idleSessionTimeOut
* maxRequestLength
* logBasicSessionActivity
* logAllSocketException

SuperSocket supports hot update for all customized configuration attributes and child nodes

The code below will show you how hot update can be supported for your customized confguration:

public class PushServer : AppServer
    private int m_Interval;

    protected override bool Setup(IRootConfig rootConfig, IServerConfig config)
        RegisterConfigHandler(config, "pushInterval", (value) =>
                // the code in this scope will be executed automatically
                // after the configuration attribute "pushInterval" is changed

                var interval = 0;
                int.TryParse(value, out interval);

                if (interval <= 0)
                    interval = 60;// 60 seconds by default

                m_Interval = interval * 1000;
                return true;

        return true;

    /// Other code

You can find the full sample code in the PushServer project in the QuickStart.