Run SuperSocket in Linux/Unix

Keywords: Mono, Linux, Unix, Mono Service, Cross Platform

SuperSocket supports cross-platform compatibility (Unix/Linux) of .NET applications by Mono (Mono 2.10 or later version)

As the Unix/Linux has different file path format with Windows, SuperSocket provides a different log4net configuration file (/Solution Items/log4net.unix.config) for Unix/Linux systems.

Therefore, you need to include this file to your project in subdirectory "Config" of output directory.

In Unix/Linux operating system, SuperSocket also can run as a console application or a service (Mono Service) like it in Windows.


mono SuperSocket.SocketService.exe

Mono Service:

mono-service -l:supersocket.lock -m:supersocket.log [-d:<workdir>] SuperSocket.SocketService.exe

The parameter -d:<workdir> is required if the current directory is not the root of your application where the file SuperSocket.SocketService.exe locates.