SuperSocket 1.5 Documentation

  1. Architecture Diagrams
  2. A Telnet Example
  3. Implement Your AppServer and AppSession
  4. Start SuperSocket by Configuration
  5. SuperSocket Basic Configuration
  6. The Built-in Command Line Protocol
  7. The Built-in Common Format Protocol Implementation Templates
  8. Implement Your Own Communication Protocol with IRequestInfo, IReceiveFilter and etc
  9. Command and Command Loader
  10. Get the Connected Event and Closed Event of a Connection
  11. Push Data to Clients from Server Initiative
  12. Extend Server Configuration
  13. Command Filter
  14. Connection Filter
  15. Multiple Listeners
  16. Multiple Server Instances
  17. Implement Your Commands by Dynamic Language
  18. Logging in SuperSocket
  19. The Built in Flash Silverlight Policy Server in SuperSocket
  20. Enable TLS/SSL trasnferring layer encryption in SuperSocket
  21. Run SuperSocket in Windows Azure
  22. Run SuperSocket in Linux/Unix
  23. Upgrade from SuperSocket 1.4
  24. Known Issues in SuperSocket 1.5